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Takashi Mikami

07 October 14

Takashi Mikami, is born on April 22nd 1980. He has been appointed operations consultant at IPPUDO Indonesia. Mikami joined IPPUDO in 2002 and he has been working for IPPUDO Osaka, Fukuoka and Kyoto.

In Indonesia he hopes to provide a unique and pleasurable dining experience by upholding the service and quality standards, bring only the best he has to offer.
“For Indonesia, we have slightly adjusted our cooking methods and procedures to suit the taste buds here, in the same way we do in other markets,” he says, adding that IPPUDO tries to use as high quality ingredients as possible. We are also constantly hoping to spread the Ippudo spirit and authentic ramen dining experience all over the world, just as our mission says – “Spread ramen throughout the world with smile and ‘Arigatou’”.

Our mission is more than merely to serve people food; it is to deliver a piece of the Japanese culture. We aim to be not just a restaurant but a missionary of cultural interaction.